Our mission is clear: 

To help our clients develop solutions to their complex earth science issues, anywhere in the world.

About Earth Consultants International

Earth Consultants International is a geological consulting company that unites the state-of-the-art knowledge and research talents of academia with the experienced and practical skills of industry. We bring to each project the innovation, determination, and skills needed to succeed. At Earth Consultants International, we are 100% employee owned.

We are structured as a "virtual company" in that we focus on the best team structure for each and every project, and the company's role is to support that project structure. We are mobile, flexible, innovative, and knowledgeable.  As a company we have completed projects in Afghanistan, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Panamá, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States.  As individuals, we have worked in over a dozen more countries.

We are team members, team leaders, and team builders.  We are regularly invited to participate in international conferences, lead field research teams, and serve on technical advisory panels.  Over the course of their careers, Earth Consultants International’s technical staff members have published several hundred professional papers and books on active fault investigations, including the standard textbook in earthquake geology used worldwide.  We have served on National Academy of Sciences, U.S. Geological Survey, National Research Council, National Science Foundation, Association of Engineering Geologists, National Water Well Association, and numerous other local and state panels and advisory bodies.  

But, despite our impressive academic credentials, we are solution oriented.  We seamlessly blend the rigorous scientific inquiry of academia with the practical realities of industry to solve our clients’ earth science problems.

Our unique makeup enables us to:

  • Conduct work wherever you are, tailored to your needs and budgets;
  • Draw from the technical expertise of all members of our company plus our networks of professional associates; and
  • Produce technically superior reports and professional opinions.

The projects we are typically involved with are engineering or land planning projects, either existing or proposed. Earth Consultants International has consulted on earthquake risk, development constraints, public safety planning, hazard management programs, siting and design of critical infrastructure facilities, prehistoric archeological settings, ground water, and geologic research programs.

Earth Consultants International is based out of Orange County, California, but we have a broadly distributed staff and an international client base. We seek and promote strategic alliances or partnership agreements with individuals, universities and companies wherever we work. The senior professionals that formed Earth Consultants International have worked closely and well together for more than two decades, and have over 300 years combined experience in the consulting and academic arenas.