Richard Laton and the NGWA

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Richard Laton is the 2010-2012 Chair of the Scientists and Engineers Division of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), and 2008-2010 Vice-Chair of the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers.  

Richard Laton is also in the NGWA Board of Directors (2008-2012), the Council for External Relations (2010-2012), the Council for Planning (2006-2010), Chair of the Professional Development Committee (2009-2010), and Member of the Groundwater Summit Committee (2007-2011).

ECI Active in the South Coast Geological Society

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Maria Herzberg is the 2011 President of the South Coast Geological Society.

Present at the INQUA Workshop in Greece

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Eldon Gath and Tom Rockwell were on the scientific committee, and attended and presented at the 2nd INQUA Workshop on Active Tectonics, Earthquake Geology, Archaeology and Engineering held in Corinth, Greece, September 19-24, 2011.  Eldon spoke on "Techniques for tectonic, geomorphic, and paleoseismic investigations in tropical environments."

Subsurface Evidence for the Puente Hills and Compton-Los Alamitos Faults

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Dr. Robert Yeats and Danielle Verdugo of Earth Consultants International submitted their 2010 SCEC (Southern California Earthquake Center) Report on the Puente Hills and Compton-Los Alamitos faults in south-central Los Angeles.  The study involved the analysis of oil well data that extend to a depth of more than 6,000 meters, more than twice the depth of usable data from multichannel seismic lines.  The well data show evidence of reverse faulting at depth, whereas the shallower data indicate folding.  Yeats and Verdugo suggest that the Compton-Los Alamitos and Puente Hills thrust faults are fault-propagation folds rather than fault-bend-folds.  To download a pdf copy (1.7Mb) of their report, click here.

ECI Researchers Complete Study of Fault Near Epicenter of July Mw 5.4 Chino Hills Earthquake.

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The summer of 2008 Mw 5.4 earthquake centered beneath the Chino Hills alerted the Los Angeles metropolitan region to a seismic hazard in its back yard. The epicenter of the Chino Hills earthquake occurred near the poorly understood intersection between the Elsinore, Whittier and Chino Hills faults and several blind thrusts at depth. To help shed light on the earthquake potential of this area, Chris Madden and Robert Yeats of Earth Consultants International completed an investigation for the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program to characterize the earthquake history and structure of the Chino fault.  Paleoseismic trenches northwest of Prado Dam showed that the Chino fault has not ruptured in at least three thousand years, and perhaps not in the last 11 thousand years. Well data reviewed for the study suggest that the Chino fault may be a secondary structure that helps accommodate motion between the Elsinore and Whittier faults. Although the hazard posed by earthquakes on the Chino fault is relatively low compared to faults that rupture every couple hundred years like the San Andreas fault, the long quiescence in activity on the Chino fault suggests that it could be getting closer to rupture.

pdfChino Fault Paleoseismic Study.pdf (32mb)