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Groundwater Basin Investigation and Wastewater Recharge Analysis for the Malibu Creek Estuary Area, Malibu California - eDoc 667
Geologic Assessment of Directional Drilling Operations for Calpine’s Sherman Island Pipeline, Contra Costa County, California - eDoc 1806
Geotechnical Review and Preparation of Construction Design Specifications, ALARKO’s Alkent Istanbul 2000, Phase 2B, Istanbul, Turkey - eDoc 1713
Geological Evaluation and Program Management for the Installation of Permanent GPS Receiver Stations Throughout Southern California - eDoc 607
Mitigation of Natural and Man-made Hazards During Planning and Development of the Olinda Ranch Residential Project, City of Brea, California - eDoc 585
Assessment of Seismically-Induced Fault and Fold Deformation Potential at the AKSA Acrylic Facility, Yalova, Turkey - eDoc 633
Quantitative Analysis of Faulting and Fold Deformation from the Elysian Park Blind Thrust for the City of Los Angeles Trunk Sewer Tunnel - eDoc 663
Geologic and Seismic Investigations of Co-Seismic Folding Deformation on the Coyote Pass And MacArthur Park Escarpments - Police And Emergency Operations Center Facilities, Los Angeles, California - eDoc 591
Third-Party Review and Fault Trenching Study in the San Jacinto Fault Zone, Colton, California - eDoc 714
Geologic Hazard Screening for Potential Power Plant Sites and LNG Terminal Facilities, Baja California, Mexico - eDoc 574
Quantitative Fault Rupture Characterization for Design of the Borinquen Dam, Panama Canal Expansion Project, Panama - eDoc 534
Fault Rupture Hazard Investigation, West Beverly Hills Lineament / Newport-Inglewood Fault at Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills, California - eDoc 724
Paleoseismic Hazards Evaluation of the Gatún and Limón Faults, Panama Canal, Panama - eDoc 1825
Earthquake Damage Assessment and Mitigation in the Baghlan Province, Afghanistan - eDoc 714
Faulting and Liquefaction Assessment for the Southern Trails Pipeline across California - eDoc 713
Fault Hazard Investigation and Mitigation Plan for the Centennial Specific Plan, Los Angeles County, California - eDoc 611
Fault Hazard Screening Study for New Buildings at San Bernardino Valley College, San Bernardino, California - eDoc 942
Seismic Hazards Evaluation and Mitigation Plan for El Paso Pipeline Segments 1903 and 1904 - eDoc 671
Fault Rupture Hazard Investigation for the Sunset Marquis Hotel Expansion Project, West Hollywood, California - eDoc 601