Found inside – Page 288The Story of the Uniquely Equipped Railroad that Serviced the Camps, Dams, Tunnels, and Penstocks of the 20-year Construction ... Eckart , Nelson A. “ Benefits Accruing From the Hetch Hetchy Project , San Francisco Water Supply . ", In 1987, following Secretary of the Interior Donald Hodel's proposal to restore Every day in summer, 290 million gallons, or 870 acre-feet, come out of Hetch Hetchy and travel 150 miles (241 kilometers) to the San Francisco Peninsula, providing all or some of the water for 2.6 million customers. It pitted a powerful city against a dedicated group of conservationists. ", For information about this website, e-mail: Found inside – Page 162These conflicts pitted John Muir and the Sierra Club against municipal officials from San Francisco and their conservationist allies, who supported dams as exemplars of water conservation. Like Tallulah, the struggle over Hetch Hetchy ... In 1906, a devastating earthquake destroyed much of San Francisco's infrastructure. Together we can restore Hetch Hetchy Valley for our children and for generations to come. We understand that San Francisco’s water system will need certain improvements, and some hydropower will need to be replaced with renewable power. Section IV evaluates the benefits, costs, and financing alternatives related to the proposed removal . This November, a group of environmental advocates will put forth a ballot measure that would require the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to develop a plan to drain Hetch Hetchy. This would result in more people getting to appreciate Yosemite and would increase business in the area. Found inside – Page 732This widespread distribution of service benefits the maximum number of people and the per capita consumption of power in California is greater than the ... It will probably be another year before the Hetch Hetchy Dam is completed . Hetch Hetchy Valley, in the Grand Canyon of the Tuolulmne River, should As early as 1882, Hetch Hetchy Valley had been considered a potential site for a new reservoir. to dam the Tuolumne for the benefit of San Francisco. Draining Hetch Hetchy. Hetch Hetchy: Can the Splendid Wild Return? But the dam at Hetch Hetchy remains as the greatest blemish in any of our national parks. In addition, Hetch Hetchy Valley should be restored in order to preserve On the other side of the debate as to whether to build a dam or not . VOL. But the water needs to be stored outside Yosemite National Park. Examining the stunning engineering feat that the dam represented to some when it was constructed, as well as the heartbreak of others, such as John Muir, over the loss of a valley as radiant as any in Yosemite National Park, award-winning ... general circulation; Encourage your elected representatives to support Hetch Hetchy's Hetch Hetchy Reservoir generate 215.5 megawatts. When public officials started to talk about damming the Tuolumne River and turning the valley into a reservoir to serve fast-growing San Francisco Bay Area, Muir's words helped to rally . The name Hetch Hetchy is derived from a Sierra Miwok word for a type of wild grass. Hetch Hetchy: Time to Redeem a Historic Mistake - Sierra Club restoration. But the group of environmentalists pushing to topple O'Shaughnessy Dam -- the towering wall of concrete completed in 1923 that put Hetch Hetchy Valley under 300 feet of water -- said the 62-page . Mention Hetch Hetchy Valley to long-time Sierra Club members and their response is immediate: a heartfelt feeling of deep sadness for what has been lost, and a fervent hope that what has been lost can somehow be regained. would be for us to find the wisdom and the will to restore the grandeur of The walls of both are of gray granite and Hetch Hetchy's Kolana group of crags—2,300 feet in height— are a counterpart to Yosemite 's and most precious mountain temples" to be available for public enjoyment, Historical photographs show why: like Yosemite Valley, Hetch Hetchy has sheer granite walls that originally rose dramatically from a wide valley floor. San Francisco Chronicle supports water system improvements to lessen some harm, Bomb Cyclone closes Wapama Trail at Hetch Hetchy (again). Hearing held before the committee on the Public Lands of the House of Representatives, December 16, 1908, on House Joint Resolution 184 - Part VI. Found inside – Page 18In due time the O'Shaughnessy Dam impeded the flow of the Tuolume and a reservoir rose in the valley . It did not fulfill the promises held forth in the Examiner , but the Hetch Hetchy episode did contain some benefits for ... Found inside – Page 188The second phase would evaluate how to: • Drain the Hetch Hetchy Valley and stop using it as a reservoir so that it ... F: Should the proposed ordinance be adopted, in my opinion, there would be costs and benefits to the City and County ... If one were to consider certain attributes of the dam’s construction in isolation, it is clear why building Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite National Park would be a rational decision. Yosemite, the Hetch Hetchy would be fairly entitled to a world-wide fame; Why Did So Many Colonists Died In Jamestown 469 Words | 2 Pages. The Hetch Hetchy Valley was within Yosemite National Park and protected by the Federal Government, leaving it up to Congress to decide the valley's fate. According to Nash, Hetch Hetchy marked the inaugural moment for the wilderness movement as a gal-vanizing force in American politics. of nature's rarest and most precious mountain temples." After coffee and breakfast, we'll break camp and begin our hike back to O'Shaughnessy Dam. Their mailing address is:  Senate Regained: Solutions for Restoring Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy Valley," presents a planning-level analysis of how to replace the benefits provided by the current reservoir. This dam was planned to be built in Yosemite National Park in order to provide water for the city of San Francisco. I believe that placing such an emphasis on the aesthetic values of Yosemite National Park was a strategic error of preservationists that contributed to why they ultimately lost the debate, resulting in the construction of Hetch Hetchy. Since the Yosemite National Park was already uninhibited, building Hetch Hetchy would not displace any local communities. Even before it was finished, the massive . that plagues its Yosemite Valley neighbor. Yosemite National Park in the high Sierra. and many benefits of bringing back the treasure of Hetch Hetchy Valley in -- Larry Fahn, meeting their needs and concerns through alternative sources of water, power The Siera Club supports finding a "win-win" technical/engineering "Let me assure you that we have only begun to fight, and we are not going to rest until we have established the principle 'that our National parks The O'Shaughnessy To be successful, we have to be aware of the water and power benefits made possible by the existing dam and reservoir. Found inside – Page 4691Thus the Hetch Hetchy Dam- forever . ... park will by no means benefits had combined to develop their own of the Living Wilderness , regarding the be destroyed and it will remain an area of project . upper Colorado River storage project ... Found insideThe project of creating the O'Shaughnessy Dam started in1914, with dam construction beginning in1919 and ... who wantto retain the dam and its benefits—and the preservationists—those who want thedam demolished and HetchHetchy Valley ... California's Hetch Hetchy Valley, c. 1911, top, before the O'Shaughnessy Dam flooded it, and today. One of the preservationists’ arguments was that the construction of the dam would take away from the national park’s natural beauty. As well dam for water-tanks the people's cathedrals and churches, for no holier temple has ever been consecrated by the heart of man." . By Kurt Repanshek - February 7th, 2007. Journal_Entry_-_Hetch_Hetchy_and_bhopal ----.docx - Athia Afrooj Environmental Science Journal Environmental Ethics and the Hetch Hetchy Decision San Nestled comfortably, and a bit out of sight, in the president's proposed FY08 Park Service budget is a request for $7 million to go toward studies into the removal of the O'Shaughnessy Dam that long has inundated the Hetch Hetchy Valley of Yosemite National Park. As a 1988 report Hetch Hetchy would never be dammed if it was proposed today, so why is it considered impractical to suggest that we undo the damage and restore Yosemite to its original grandeur?" Hetch Hetchy Valley, the Sierra Club's Board of Directors reaffirmed its Found inside – Page 25The City currently gets a sizable share of its electrical power and water from the Hetch Hetchy Dam located in Yosemite National Park . In light of the considerable benefits received by the City from the Hetch Hetchy and from the ... has repeated herself. in the Raker Act of 1913, to construct a dam and reservoir on the Tuolumne Stored in Hetch Hetchy Reservoir behind O'Shaughnessy Dam, the water is delivered by a gravity based system and aqueduct to the Bay Area. supplies are developed." The flooded Hetch Hetchy Valley. Your email address will not be published. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Plight of Mankind. Hetch Hetchy is only one of nine reservoirs in the San Francisco Public Utility Commission's water system. Environmental benefits are attain-able in Hetch Hetchy Valley. to be reintegrated into its natural ecological and biological systems, and It is not just the aesthetics that are of importance. in a 1909 letter to Gifford Pinchot, "Now is the time to complete a full analysis of the feasibility Found inside – Page 240Water, Power, Politics, and Preservation in Hetch Hetchy and Yosemite National Park John Warfield Simpson ... be justified if the loss of Hetch Hetchy realized multiple public benefits: municipal water to replace the corporate monopoly; ... Found inside – Page 351Conservationists were desperate to avoid a repeat of the Hetch Hetchy Dam debacle in Yosemite National Park, which divided the conservationist move- ment into those extolling the dam's benefits and those decrying the destruction of the ... These last 6.5 miles contour along the side of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir all the way back to the trailhead. is the year president Woodrow Wilson signed the Raker Act, allowing San Francisco to Build a Dam in the Hetch Hetchy Valley. Congress, three short years after allowing Hetch Hetchy to be clear-cut dammed and flooded, realized its mistake. In a letter and accompanying technical response to the Bureau of Reclamation's Hetch Hetchy Valley, in the early 21st century, for our families and all future They would need to reoperate the others and make additional investments. One of the preservationists’ arguments was that the construction of the dam would take away from the national park’s natural beauty. So we are pursuing legal and political opportunities to make San Francisco confront the damage it has done to Yosemite. The Hetch Hetchy Valley was a granite lined canyon with waterfalls and forests. San Francisco's proposal to dam Hetch Hetchy Valley was met with considerable opposition. A recent report evaluates the economic benefits of restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley. Found inside – Page 681The Sierra Club lost a battle to save the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park when Congress in 1913 approved a dam on the Tuolumne River to provide water and hydroelectric power for San Francisco, 150 miles away. to increase storage and ensure that the reservoir fills in dry years such as 2007. The magnificent Hetch Hetchy Valley back in the day. If San Francisco voters pass Measure F on November 6, the city will conduct an $8 million study on the feasibility, costs, and benefits . Those who were in favor of Hetch Hetchy had the utilitarian perspective that the good the dam would produce, by providing water to a city that was in dire need of a larger supply, would out-way the environmental costs. The first great American conservation movement was born during the Progressive Era out of the concern that industrial growth and urban development threatened to extinguish America's wilderness. Giving a Dam: Congress Debates Hetch Hetchy. Dam was completed in 1923 and, after the necessary pipelines and power houses The surface water in the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir is treated, but not filtered because it is of . From a humanistic perspective, it may actually be better to have dams constructed in National Parks. Required fields are marked *. In 1913, after more than a decade of debate, Congress passed the Raker Act approving the dam. During this experience, it was drilled into me that the mission of the National Park Service is to “preserve, unimpaired, the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park systems for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.” I find the word “unimpaired” to be a key element of this mission statement. An expanded Los Vaqueros could benefit San Francisco . an irreplaceable and unique natural area.". For your last day, enjoy a short hike on the shores of the beautiful Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. Hetch Hetchy by the Numbers. John Muir, the first president of the Sierra Club and someone who is often 1 of 4 Hetch Hetchy Reservoir viewed from the trail that passes over the dam and beyond along the lake to Wapama Falls Lisa Mayo / Special to The Chronicle Show More Show Less 2 of 4 Looking out . But tearing down O'Shaughnessy Dam in order to restore Hetch Hetchy Valley would be a disaster. City water planners targeted Hetch Hetchy as a dam site for San Francisco's water supply (Hundley, 1992). John Muir and Gifford Pinchot have often been seen as the embodiment of conflicting environmental philosophies. Maybe it... Sign up to receive blog posts and other news by email. Hetch Hetchy Environmental Debates. In 1870, legendary California conservationist John Muir called the Hetch Hetchy Valley, "a wonderfully exact counterpart to the great Yosemite Valley.". Show More. This dam was planned to be built in Yosemite National Park in order to provide water for the city of San Francisco. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Not only is this area stunning to see, but it's also an important historic site for conservationists - controversy surrounding the construction of the Hetch Hetchy Dam helped lead to the creation of the US National Park Service in 1916. It pitted Gifford Pinchot, America's first forester, against John Muir, America's legendary conservationist. A slideshow of people involved in the history of Hetch Hetchy and Yosemite. Following a fierce nationwide debate led by John Muir and Will Colby of the The Hetch Hetchy Valley was within Yosemite National Park and . had already targeted Hetch Hetchy as the potential site of a large dam to ensure San Francisco's water supply, the fires acted as a catalyst for the public to realize the city's water supply problems (Hundley, 1992). Found inside – Page 69Flood protection had been calculated in the 1950s for a combination of projects — the New Don Pedro Dam on the ... John Muir had thundered against the proponents of O'Shaughnessy Dam that finally flooded the Yosemite - like Hetch Hetchy ... Your email address will not be published. Found inside – Page 123As pointed out above, the benefits of dams have remained highly salient to decision makers and the ... The controversy over a dam for the Hetch Hetchy Valley (Righter 2005) in the early decades of the twentieth century pitted those ... in protecting the Earth's natural wonders like its efforts to preserve and In contrast, if the dam were constructed, the water supply from Hetch Hetchy would be advantageous to an entire city. that the dam materi-als could be dumped off the coast in an artificial reef, as is done with many other -materials, in-cluding used tires. The . So we take our mission statement seriously. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maven's Notebook. A recent report evaluates the economic benefits of restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley. Hetch Hetchy Reservoir is one of 9 reservoirs in the system. In 1913, the Raker Act was passed in Congress, O'Shaughnessy Dam was completed in 1923 and on October 24, 1934, water from the . While San Francisco is lucky to obtain 70% of its power from Hetch Hetchy water, nationally the burning of natural gas, coal and oil produces 62% of electricity, according to the Energy Information Administration. Hetch Hetchy has generated controversy since it was first proposed as a source of water following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Found inside – Page 6... and Hetch Hetchy Dam within Yosemite National Park in California . But by and large , this is rarely a realistic option . Once a dam has been built , we reap its benefits and learn to live with the environmental effects . We have done substantial research on these water and power alternatives, but San Francisco appears to need a political or legal imperative to consider these water and power alternatives.

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