LiDAR Modeling and Analysis

ECI utilizes industry standard LiDAR processing software to generate precise high-resolution maps of the earth’s surface. It is an essential tool to analyze and better understand geologic hazards and resources.


  • Fault Investigations
  • Landslide Investigations
  • Find stream channels, measure gradients

  • Characterize land cover

  • Flood models

  • Archeological investigations

  • Define watersheds

  • Map landforms and geologic units

  • Monitor changes in landscape 

  • 3 dimensional analysis of landforms

Modeling Products

Digital Elevation Model
Elevation Contours
10 feet of elevation between contour lines
Hillshade Model
Topography lit from the northwest
Aspect Model
Slope Map
Ruggedness Map

Examples for LiDAR Usage


Landslide Terrain

2019 Google Earth

Landslide Terrain​

2018 LiDAR


San Andreas Fault

2019 Google Earth

San Andreas Fault

2018 LiDAR

Surface Geology

Northern Appalachians

2019 Google Earth

Northern Appalachians​

2010 Bare Earth Model