Since 1997, Earth Consultants International has provided innovative solutions to complex geological and environmental challenges around the world.

We provide a full scope of services in regulatory compliance, project management, technical, and administrative areas so you can focus your manpower resources on your business.

We offer specialized services in the areas of Geologic Hazard Analysis, Exploration Geology, Environmental and Engineering Geology, Groundwater Geology, Earthquake Geology, and Geographic Information Systems.

Our expertise has been utilized for projects in the United States and internationally including tunnels, locks and dams, industrial and municipal developments, schools, highways and roadways, landfills, pipelines, reservoirs, water and wastewater, and many other public and private projects.

Our goal is to serve your risk management, project planning, and regulatory compliance needs, in ways that allow you to operate your business smoothly and profitably. Our purpose is to serve our clients’ needs professionally, ethically, and efficiently.