Mining and Exploration Geology

Metals (base and precious) and rare earth elements (REE) are essential components in many electronics and household items we use every day. Thus, the world-wide demand for base metals (copper, zinc, iron and nickel), precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) and REEs has increased dramatically in the last few decades. At the same time, China, currently the largest producer and exporter of REEs, has been imposing export restrictions of their REE output. This has put pressure on other countries to find new sources of base metals and REEs.

Earth Consultants International has a wide network of qualified geoscience professionals with mining and exploration expertise all around the globe. We provide services, on an outsourcing basis, to several Canadian, Australian and European clients in the Mining and Metals industries. Our services include the generation of exploration targets, management of exploration programs, mine design, and reclamation of mine sites (including the identification and mitigation of abandoned mine shafts). Our engineering geologists, in collaboration with associates who are experts in surface water and groundwater, can also consult on tailings pond stability issues, containment of leachates, and groundwater contamination associated with the mining process.

Our services include:

  • Exploration Program Design
  • Exploration Program Management
  • Drilling Program Management
  • Mining Resource Assessment
  • Geological Interpretations
  • Geophysical and Analytical Data Analysis
  • Mining Resource / Reserve Estimation
  • Reserve Classification
  • Independent Reporting of Resources