Modern Terrain and Trench Modeling

ECI utilizes industry standard 3D structure-from-motion software to generate geospatial datasets derived by drone photos and trench photography. We utilize this technology in a variety of projects including fault investigations, paleoseimic investigations, landslide investigations, terrain change and environmental analyses.

We generate geospatial data of drone and trench photography in a multi-step procedure using AgiSoft™ 3D structure-from-motion software.
During the modeling process, photos are being corrected for scale and topography by creating an orthoimage in a first step. Unlike an uncorrected image, an orthoimage is adjusted for relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt, and can be used to measure true distances and elevation. The resulting image is geometrically corrected such that the scale is uniform.


Load individual air photos
Create Tie Points and Calculate Image Locations
Create Dense Cloud and Geocode Spatial Data

Case Study 1

Fault Investigation, Culver City, CA

TEXT HERE…  3D cloud model generated using 872 trench photos. 

Trench orthophoto and trench log.